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Artistic approach, exhibitions, bio

My world is that of memory, the kinesthetic memory, the feelings of early childhood come back to us in the form of little emotional bubbles without words, we can not define them in words, by perceiving them we only have the idea of ​​things that We touch, rustling, gnos in the stomach, strange associations, smells that patting our palate, as if we ate an air, that air, the one that escapes us at the very moment we want it. define, as do dreams.

My work is related to childhood, its instinctive links with nature, animality.

There are objects, which come back, shapes, and especially a perception of space, a distorted perspective, that I look for.

I like to observe the world from above, haunted as I am by the story of the Baron perché.


I work in oil, or in acrylic, always on canvas and frame. But I also use many ancillary tools, collages, graphic tools (pastels, pencils, oil bars), or processes (cutter, sandpaper, sander) that allow me to find the previous layers, or even the grain of the raw canvas.




My work is currently visible:

at my workshop, Les Junies, in the Lot (46, France),

at the Sophie Le Mée gallery, La Flotte en Ré (Ile de Ré, 17)

and also at the Apeiron space, the gallery of Apeiron editions, in Saint Junien (87).

The book "Do you remember, say, you remember", realized in 2013 and reissued this year, is available to the Apeiron editions and at the bookstores associated

Trade shows:


To come in 2019

Municipal Theater of Pibrac, Mars

Affordable Art Fair Brussels, 14 / 17March, in gallery space Sophie Le Mée

Mayor of Chantelle, June



Sophie Le Mée Gallery, The Fleet In D

The Tympanum, Goujounac, September

Space point of view, Lauzerte, August

JL Cléret Gallery, Paimpol



Galerie Jean-Louis Cléret, Paimpol, exhibition 15/12/17 to 15/01/18

Let's live Art, Bordeaux (November)

Art3F Toulouse (February)

Art3F Nantes (March)

Personal Expo Zunzun Gallery, Toulouse

Expo Plurielle, room Balène, Figeac




Gallery of the Remparts, Bordeaux

Apeiron Space

Ashdown Gallery, England

Zunzun Gallery, Toulouse

World Art Days, Montolieu

Art3F Toulouse

Art3F Montpellier




Mosaic Gallery (Toulouse)

Archipel Gallery (Toulouse)

Salon Balma (Toulouse)

Salon Art3F Rennes (Rennes)

The Water Drop, Toulouse

Ashdown Gallery, UK, (permanent)

Gallery of the Remparts, Bordeaux




Gallery Gour-Beneforti

"Garonne exposes"





Galerie Gour Beneforti, Bastia

Lulu-Mirettes Gallery, Toulouse

Gallery the Mosaic, Saint John

"The Garonne Expose"

Art Markets: Vogue Matter, Blaye.

Place for painters, Bayonne





Tempo, Léguevin

Salon Colomiers (price)

Garonne exposes, Toulouse





MAC, Montauban

Garonne exposes, Toulouse

Autumn Salon, Colomiers

Fronton Lounge (price)

Clair-Obscur, Léguevin

Pencils and Images, Colomiers

Market Saint-Etienne, Toulouse

Tokade Gallery

Espace Art Gallery, Toulouse-Blagnac Airport




ArteVista Gallery, Albi-Barcelona

Art Tracker Gallery




Azart Gallery, Bastia


Apeiron Editions:


Do you remember, say, you remember (artist book) (2013)

Hidden Faces (mini artist book) (2013)

Equines (mini-artist's book, 2016)

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